Capoeira Fighter 3

Capoeira Fighter 3

Capoeira Fighter 3 is an action game in which you fight against other players
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Capoeira Fighter 3 is an action game in which you fight against other players, computer or humans, with this art. Like in many fighting games, the objective is to destroy your enemy before he destroys you. To move, you use the arrow keys or certain user-defined keys, and you can perform different combos to kill your enemy faster. There are many fighters to choose from, including females and males, and you can unlock even more as you progress. The game includes several modes to play, including knock out, ring king, ring of fire, money game, hot potato, ring out and mixed match. They all have different objectives and rules. There's also a Survival mode that enables you to unlock content and earn credits and optional mini-games that also provide extra credits. You can also choose to play solo or tagged, meaning with another player. The game includes a demonstration and a comprehensive tutorial that explains everything in detail.
What is more, the game is extremely customizable, allowing you to select the computer's skill level, number of rounds, gravity, round time, keys, video and sound settings, to name but a few.
Regarding the graphics, they are good, but not really detailed. Sound effects are also good and the music is suitable, but very repetitive.
In short, Capoeira Fighter 3 is a challenging game that will surely attract many fans of this sport and more.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of modes to play
  • Lots of characters to choose from
  • Many combos
  • Challenging
  • Very customizable


  • Very repetitive music
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